Welcome to the worldbuilding repository for Ruby's worldbuilding project Onyx Black.

Onyx Black is a balanced-dark cassette futurist science fiction world with an emphasis on individual characters and their impact on the galaxy. It is galaxy-wide in scope. It focuses on the world after the Death of Earth, the extinction of the human race in 2119. Humanity has left behind their collective knowledge in an attempt to preserve something of theirs, and it was found about two hundred years later by an exploratory HL spacecraft. Determined not to repeat the mistakes that led humanity to extinction, the galactic community came together to use the many advancements of humanity for the best.

It hasn't been going very well.

Starting Points

All notes are linked to one another in some way or another. Here are a few notes to start you off:

Morgana T. Atwood - the protagonist of the mainline Onyx Black novels.

Theotech, LLC - biggest corporation and sole patent holder for silicon semiconductors.

Interstellar Police Department - the law enforcement agency keeping what passes for peace in the galactic neutral zone. There so the big players don't tear each other to shreds over the GNZ.

Navareans - the most populous species in the galaxy, heralding from the Navareo system.

The Parallel Descendants - Of course there's chosen ones!

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